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SED Templates

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Main Sequence (MS) and Starburst (SB) Templates (from Magdis et al. 2012):


Main Sequence



The redshift range of the each of the MS templates is :


U1 :0-0.025
U2: 0.05-0.275
U3: 0.3-0.6250
U4:0.65 -0.975
U5: 1.0-1.30
U6: 1.325-1.725
U7: 1.75-2.25
U8: 2.27-3.0

U9: >3.0


The SB template is universal for all redshifts


All templates are normalized to L8-1000 = 1Lsun




IR SED Template For Massive Quiescent Galaxies (from Magdis et al. 2021): 



Template normalised to L8-1000 = 1x1010 Lsun and Md =1.1x108 Msun  



Panchromatic SED Template For  Quiescent Galaxies (from Balnquez et al. 2023):





SED model normalised to log(M*/Msol) = 10, log(M_dust/Msol) = 5.75 (f_dust = 0.005% and f_gas=0.5%)

# lambda in ┬Ám
# nu_lum in ergs/s







Gas Fraction Evolutionary Tracks of QGs (from Gobat et al. 2020, submitted):






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